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Wales Seniors Lose In Opening Match vs Merseyside

The Wales Senior Team lost their opening game against Merseyside by a combined score of 456 t0 401.

Section 1
Mossley Hill Athletic, 1 Mossley Hill Road, Liverpool , L18 8BX Benllech Bowling Club, Tyn-y-gongl, LL748AE
W Merseyside Tot For Ag Tot Wales L W Wales Tot For Ag Tot Merseyside L
1 Phil Lee 21 21 18 18 Matthew Worden John Short 21 21 18 18 Matty Gilmore 1
2 Stephen Glover 42 21 8 26 Paul Bradley Keith Bailey 39 18 21 39 Chris Barton 2
3 Michael Havern 63 21 16 42 Adam Penlington Mark Ball 60 21 12 51 Andy Hayes 3
4 Danny Barwise 81 18 21 63 Nick Hughes Leighton Roberts 81 21 11 62 James Whalley 4
5 Tex Allen 100 19 21 84 Steve Vernon Michael Pritchard 102 21 11 73 James Fitzpatrick 5
6 Carl Doyle 121 21 12 96 Nick Jones Daniel Jones 119 17 21 94 Liam Mcegan 6
7 George Curran 142 21 19 115 Andrew Hughes Paul Hallett 140 21 20 114 Anthony Gartside 7
8 Lee Downing 163 21 19 134 Joey Williams Robin Bennett 161 21 17 131 Dave Mcdermott 8
9 Mike Tunstall 184 21 7 141 Geraint Williams Geraint Booth 177 16 21 152 Matty Gartside 9
10 Josh Bunting 205 21 12 153 Ian M Jones Simon Tyler 194 17 21 173 Nick Burridge 10
11 Andrew Pearce 226 21 13 166 Jay Salisbury Kris Fearnley 212 18 21 194 Robbie Fitzpatrick 11
12 Dan Lofthouse 247 21 2 168 Mike Riley Chris Charlton 233 21 15 209 Anthony Thompson 12
10 Aggregate +79 247 168 Aggregate -79 2 7 Aggregate +24 233 209 Aggregate -24 5

Dave Matthias, the WCGBA Official at the home game reported:

I was at the picturesque Benllech Bowling Club, today, the 7th May 2023, for the Endsleigh Men’s Crown Green Bowling County Championship, home match, between Wales and Merseyside.
After an initial chill wind, the Sun shone through, to give the many supporters around the green, a very pleasant afternoon to watch some outstanding bowling, on what was a very tricky green to play on.
Although a tad slower than it had been a few days earlier, the green had still been beautifully presented by the Benllech Greenkeeper, who should be commended for the preparation work he had done. As should also, Benllech Bowling Club members, Gwyn Owen, Rob / Lynne Renard, for the hard work they did serving the refreshments throughout the afternoon.
After replacing Wales’ ever present programme seller, Dusia Price, on the Programme selling duties, I was asked to do the welcoming and announcing duties, when Senior Welsh Governance Board Committee Members, Peter Higham and Simon Walker, had to take on the Assistant Referee’s duties, with Match Referee D.T.Evans.
A special mention should also be made of the Welsh CGBA Deputy President, Mrs Pauline Lindley, who not only, single handedly, took on the Raffle Ticket selling duties, but also ensured that everything ran smoothly and efficiently throughout the afternoon
It was lovely to see so many old bowling friends around the green, four of which deserve a special mention from myself, John Crowther – ex CEO of the British CGBA – John Percy – The Welsh Patron, Betty Phillips (the three times Ex Welsh Ladies Merit Winner) and Mrs Barbara Ward, the widow of the man who was known for decades as “Mr Benllech Bowling Club” – Mike Ward.
I have attached the individual performances and results, but suffice to say, after the first 8 blocks home and away there was little to split the teams. At Home Wales being + 30 and Away Merseyside being + 29.
But some brilliant bowling by the last four Merseyside blocks, both Home and Away, saw them winning the overall match by 55 points, on the combined aggregate.
So congratulations to Mike Whalley and his team, for the contribution they made, at Benllech, to the overall Merseyside win.
But also well done to the Welsh players, who played at Benllech, both the winners and the losers, who even in defeat, came in with commendable scores. And of course also to the reserves who turned up today – Stuart Thomas – Danny Prosser and Ivor Jones.
After the match, the officials, referee’s, players and supporters alike, moved onto the very spacious Function Room, at the Breeze Hill Hotel, in Benllech, to enjoy a very ample Buffet, a few drinks and to reminisce about the matches played.
Merseyside Team Manager Mike Whalley, with a part Welsh speach, gave their Player of the Match Award to Matty Gartside for his performance against Geraint Booth. With Welsh Team Manager, Graham Bennett, giving their Player of the Match Award to John Short, for his performance against Matty Gilmore.
Sadly, not the combined aggregate win I was hoping for at Benllech, but hopefully Team Manager Joey Williams will have seen enough in the performance of both the green and the players, to bring another match to Benllech in 2024. As Mark Ball said after the game, with a little tweaking of the players selected and more practice time put in, the Benllech Bowling Club, could become a regular green for Wales matches to be played on for some years to come.

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