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Open Competitions 2023

We are approaching the time of year when many Clubs are considering the date and format of Open Competitions that they wish to hold and it is accordingly appropriate to remind all concerned of the rules set out in paragraphs 7.1 and 7.2 of the WCGBA Rules and Bye Laws regarding the registration of Open Competitions both with the WCGBA and, if required, the BCGBA.

Whilst the deadline for receipt of an Open Competition Certificate is 28 days before the commencement of the Competition the rules also state that:

Promoters of such contests must display on entry forms and all forms of publicity relating to the event the words “Affiliated to and approved by the WCGBA”

and it follows that such wording or indeed any mention that the Competition is approved by the WCGBA should not be included in publicity until the relevant Open Competition Certificate is held.

Currently the Certificate when issued is for the Club for the whole year and is not Competition specific allowing several Competitions to be held that year if required.

Whilst there is no intention to change this, we do ask Clubs to have consideration for other Competitions both Open, WCGBA and BCGBA when setting their dates. For this reason, we intend to keep a list of Certificates issued and planned Open Competitions for the year on the WCGBA website. Accordingly, on receipt of your Certificate, it is requested that you advise the dates of all Open Competitions it is intended to hold by email to ceo@bowls.wales so that a record is available to all.

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