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BCGBA Handbooks and Changes in the Laws of the Game

Because changes in the the Laws of the Game were passed too late by the BCGBA to be included in this years Handbook, it was decided that it was accordingly superfluous to provide and charge each WCGBA Club for a copy of the handbook in 2022.

The revised Laws have now been published and these are outlined in the attachment below for reference. Changes are in red. Confirmation and advice from the WCGBA Referees Society is also below.

Laws of the Game


New Laws of  the Game.

 As from 2nd April 2022 the BCGBA have issued updated Laws of the Game. As these were not approved until after the handbook was published, these do not appear in this year’s handbook. The new Laws can be found on the BGCBA website under ‘Laws of the Game’, all the changes are highlighted in red. I would recommend that all leagues advise clubs of the responsibilities of their team captains when no referees are present in matches.


Arthur G. Peake

Secretary WCGRS



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