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2022 BCGBA Senior Individual Merit Draw




Saturday 30th July – 10am

Hawcoat Park Sports Club, Hawcoat Lane, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 4HF



         1 Mark Regan (Yorkshire)                                      v            2 Rich Goddard (Shropshire)

         3 Andy Fergus (Greater Manchester)                      v            4 David Bradford (Isle of Man)*

         5 Jordie Baddeley (North Midlands)                        v            6 Joe Melvin (Potteries & District)

         7 Noel Burrows (Cheshire)                                     v            8 Ian France (Cumbria)*

         9 Ian Brown (Derbyshire)                                       v          10 Aaron Williams (South Yorkshire)

       11 Ian M Jones (Wales)*                                          v          12 Tom Eccles (Greater Manchester)

       13 Josh Bunting (Merseyside)*                                v          14 Ashley Daykin (Yorkshire)

       15 Glen Herbert (Warwick & Worcester)*                  v          16 Mark Melvin (Potteries & District)

       17 Adam Hartley (Derbyshire)                                  v          18 Tom Vickers (Cheshire)*

       19 Tony Williams (Warwick & Worcester)                  v          20 Josh Thomas (Yorkshire)

       21 Steve Greenway (Cumbria)                                 v          22 Billy Speed (Lancashire)*

       23 Callum Wraight (Shropshire)                               v          24 Ben Percival (North Midlands)

       25 Matt Gillies (Greater Manchester)                        v          26 Paul Wilson (North Lancs & Fylde)*

       27 Stuart Nash (North Midlands)*                             v          28 Aaron Tapper (Staffordshire)

       29 Russell Prosser (Warwick & Worcester)               v          30 Josh Towey (Potteries & District)*

       31 Kieron Roberts (Wales)                                       v          32 Tony Bannister (Yorkshire)

       33 Darren Day (North Midlands)                               v          34 Rikki Higgs (Derbyshire)

       35 Andrew Whitaker (South Yorkshire)*                   v          36 Chris Cooke (Lancashire)

       37 Matthew Simpson (Cumbria)                               v          38 Ian Howell (Cheshire)

       39 Robin Bennett (Wales)                                        v          40 Harry Seehra (Yorkshire)

       41 Jak Locker (Warwick & Worcester)                      v          42 Gary Owen (Potteries & District)

       43 Michael Warrington (North Midlands)                   v          44 Gareth Herbert (Staffordshire)*

       45 Chris Bly (Greater Manchester)                           v          46 Eamon Hernan (North Lancs & Fylde)

       47 Jack Dyson (Yorkshire)*                                     v          48 Peter Farmer (Shropshire)

       49 Richard Gill (Derbyshire)*                                   v          50 Richard Hargreaves (Yorkshire)

       51 Kevin Boon (Potteries & District)                          v          52 Martin Barrow (Cumbria)

       53 Dave ‘Barney’ Kelly (Isle of Man)                          v          54 Gareth P Hughes (Wales)

       55 Liam Dennis (North Midlands)                             v          56 Robert Wiltshire (South Yorkshire)

       57 Dan Varcoe (Cumbria)                                        v          58 George Curran (Merseyside)

       59 David Lloyd (Shropshire)*                                   v          60 Tim Jones (Staffordshire)

       61 David Walker (Yorkshire)                                    v          62 Mike Hill (Warwick & Worcester)

       63 David May (Derbyshire)                                      v          64 Jack Hargreaves (Greater Manchester)*

* Denotes Merit Winner


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