The Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association is the Governing Body for Crown Green Bowling in Wales which was formed in 1925.

The newly updated Constitution of the WCGBA was approved at the Annual General Meeting on the 14 February 2015. Please note that the previous rules contained in the previous Constitution and Rules document (from 2014) are still valid until updated and approved by the Executive Governance Board.

Constitution Amended 2014

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Wales v Yorkshire Squad & Draw.


Pictured below is Joe Langford (Bersham B.C.) who was representing Wales in the Junior All England at Rhos Park, Joe did exceptionally well in getting to the final.

***BREAKING NEWS***THE WELSH JUNIOR TEAM HAVE WON THEIR SEMI-FINAL, more information can be found in the relevant section. ***

The different sections of the 2014 season have now been moved to the previous seasons page, a link can also be found to the left of this page.

***The W.C.G.B.A. 2015 calendar is published below and as in previous years will be updated with the results as the season progresses.(Last update 23rd August 2015)***

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    Welsh Competition Calendar 2015

    Wales have won the Mavis Dearden supplementary cup, played on Sunday 16th August at Pennfields B.C. Penn, Wolverhampton. In their group, Wales beat North Midlands 155 to 130, Greater Manchester 157 to 120 and lost to North Lancs and Fylde 132 to 133. Overall Wales won their group and went on to play North Warwickshire in the final which they won 154 to 123.

    Pictured below is the ladies team with Captain Des Hey.

    Below is a list of the qualifiers for New WCGBA Champion of Champions competition of which is being held at Rhos Park on Sunday 4th October.

    The reserve list is as below.

    1. Baxter Cup (Llandudno)
    2. Llanfair PG Floodlit Singles
    3. Dicken Cup (Craig y Don)
    4. Waterhouse Cup (Holywell)
    5. Ashton Silver Cup (Prestatyn Highbury)
    6. Trefnant Singles
    7. Ivor Cotterill Cup (Flintshire)

    *** Both Abergele and Esclusham lost in their first round games of the World Club Championships of which as usual was held at Irlam Steel.***

    The reports from the different sections of the W.C.G.B.A. can be viewed below along with the 2015 B.C.G.B.A. report, also to add my bit in thanking everyone for all the information sent to me for 2014 season please keep it going for the 2015 season.

    Hopefully you will notice that the site has been cleaned up a bit, of which should help in navigating through the different sections, also as Matt Foster mentions in his report we are trying out an on line system for clubs to apply to hold competitions, also work is going on to set up an on line entry form for all the different competitions organised by the association.

    Mal Parry

    CEO Report 2015 AGM

    Welsh Veterans Report 2014

    Report from Welsh crown Green Bowling Association Disability Officer

    BCGBA AGM Report 2015

    Juniors Coordinator Report 2014

    Ladies Coordinator 2014 report

    Ladies Junior Report 2014

    Sponsorship Officers Report For 2014 SEASON

    WCGBA Development Report 2014

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